Thursday, April 7, 2011

GODS OF SOCCER: Rafa Marquez of FC Barcelona, La Liga

When I was younger, I attended this talk by a gay activist where he said that the distaste for voice & mannerisms of gays is brought about by "social conditioning", & that it's up to gays to change the conditions. Instead of convincing me, that lecture opened my eyes about the delusional structure of the "dream". When you're a medical student, you feel nauseous on the first day of your Anatomy class, but pretty soon, you'll be eating a Big Mac beside the dissected cadavers because man has a limitless capacity to fool himself. He can live for decades among rotting garbage unmindful of the stink because his nose will eventually adapt to the atrocious smell. Gays, some wishful thinkers presume, will be desiring the most freakish among them in no time if they just plod on in "conditioning" themselves. But gays don't live in a hermetically sealed environment, they are sorrounded by spectacular straight guys. Imagine the mental acrobatics they have to subject themselves to condition themselves that they don't deserve the real pleasures of life that sorround them, that they are second-class creatures, that they are meant only for the cadavers & garbage of the world.

When I started writing this blog, there was a steady stream of unsolicited emails "lecturing" me about my "delusions" about straight men. It was obvious they came from the real masters of delusions. Most of the emails actually threatened that I would be rejected by the "gay fellowships" worldwide. First of all, I don't have "delusions" about straight guys, I sucked them regularly wherever in the world I wanted it (I've sucked 600 spectacular straight guys in the last decade). Second, who ever said that a man into men has to belong to gay fellowships to enjoy his sex life? Who said I even wanted to join one? I don't even bother to come out, why should I even care? I could just do what most of the world has been doing, patronize or even ignore them if they make too much noise. But I decided to be frank instead in this blog just to shoo them away. And of course, to give a window to the lifestyles of most of men who are into men who enjoy their sex lives free from delusions. However simple this blog may be, I received reports from some readers that some gay organizations actually made efforts to counter the effects of what I wrote, but just let them have something to do away from their miserable beds. It's easy to see that gay activists, just like poverty, will forever be struggling, so they will just have to continue tiring themselves until they are too exhausted to notice who they're kissing at night. At least, they'll be able to convince (read "delude") themselves they're succeeding, out of sheer exhaustion.

In almost all the discussions or papers about the sexual equality struggles, one important factor, which is actually the critical factor, is left out in the equations. The physical desirability of the protagonists. They dishonestly forget that the basic foundation of the struggle is the search for happiness- after all the brouhaha, it means that a gay man is fighting to have a happy time in his bed- but look at what he'll get in his bed when the dust settles? After all the legal tralalas & abracadabras, the fantasies of most gays are real men & not the caricatures who in most cases verge on the freakish versions of the real thing. Should gays be satisfied with the fact they are meant to have no other option but grit their teeth when having sex? As you look at the beefcake in this blog, must you really delude yourself that the pictures when they become alive, will lisp & sashay, or even if they don't, that they suck back?

They say, the fight is, be true to yourself. Right, so don't delude yourself. You must be sure delicious is delicious, not because you just conditioned (read "deluded") yourself it is despite the truth, but that it's really delicious.

Real men like Rafa Marquez will ensure that the world will be delicious even without resorting to delusions. 6' 1/2", 32 years old is Mexican tortilla, enchilada, mole, etc. in one serving. Sabrossisimo! Especially that we get to see a really big Mexican chorizo.

I'm just too grateful that as I am about to complete my sexual conversion program, I tasted 600 of the most spectacular straight men of the world. No misgivings whatsoever. Now, to the next task at hand, a set of spectacular girls. Life is good.

celebrating straight boy Rafa:

un pene mejicano

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