Friday, April 1, 2011

GODS OF SOCCER: Michael Rensing of 1. FC Koln, Bundesliga

Looking back, it was my complete lack of attraction to gays which saved me. If I wasn't stricter with my standards, I would've plunged on & became resignedly contented with what was available & innocently believed that controlling my vomit reflex was my only option to live a sane life. "Dumbing down" was always a defeatist option, no matter if you puff it up with democratic pretensions. Everybody has a right to fight for his happiness, true, but civilization was not built up by sacrificing standards. It's never a wise human right to settle for less. If you want it delicious, it should be delicious.

If you want men, it should be real men.

But if he was really a real man, he shouldn't be falling in love with another man. I always become nauseous when a supposedly straight man I'm eyeing on suddenly meets my eyes & signals he's attracted to me. At least with effeminate guys, I establish the lines early on, so I always feel duped (with consequent greater level of disgust) when I discover that the supposedly straight guy I was targetting was no better. Should I settle for a gay man if a real guy isn't available? It doesn't follow that just because a gay man has a dick, he's the natural replacement for a straight guy. A watered-down wine is not the same wine. No attraction whatsoever there. If I would only be teaching myself to fall in love with a gay man, why shouldn't I just teach myself to love a woman?

I am on my way. That's the gist of the sexuality conversion program I undertook with success so far. I've won the first phase, now comes the second phase. Friends advised the gay side will just atrophy once you enter into a relationship with a girl. But I'm not taking any chances. True to form, I don't settle for less.

If plastic surgeons are having a heyday because everybody wants to change their faces to get ahead, why should I be flaunting to the world I have a right to have bad taste & compromise my economic value in the process (considering the gay glass ceiling in the economic front, more critical because of expected economic reverses in the West)? It's supposed to be romantic to fight windwills, but only if you're fighting for something really delicious, therefore really romantic.

Michael Rensing is delicious. Worth fighting windmills for.

celebrating straight boy Michael:

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