Tuesday, April 5, 2011

GODS OF RUGBY: Bryce Gibbs of Carlton Blues, AFL

Now that I've made my decision to follow Juan's way, I'm prone to retrospection.

When it comes to delicious things, men will find a way to enjoy it, no matter what the hurdles thrown his way. That includes sex. I never had problems soliciting straight guys. I never had problems with money ever since so I didn't have to settle for less. My plan was I would marry a girl but I could always suck a straight boy every now & then. It never even occured to me that I might have problems with what society may say. Sex with straight guys is best when hidden anyway. What straight guy in his right mind would expose his "solicitable" adventures? It never occured to me that I'd do it openly with a gay guy either. Like I always say here, I was never attracted to a gay guy, both butch & fem. One tried to seduce me when I was a student & I vomitted all over his face.

I could function in the present set-up. I don't feel the need to fight for anything. I don't see the need for that "coming out" crap. I guess so with the majority of normal-looking men who are into men who know how to compartmentalize wisely their sex lives. My decision to go full-blast in my sexual conversion program just means I'm turning a new page going forward. I'll still marry a girl but I don't have to suck men anymore. Having written that, I feel surreal writing about the men I used to love (lol) while waiting for Delilah, our new writer, to gain some confidence (she's supposed to write today, but she pleaded she had a "writer's block"). I haven't made up my mind what my part in this blog will be aside from contributing some of my "retrospections" every now & then. Let's just see how things go.

Let's focus on Bryce. Another spectacular mate from Down Under. I have this tiny gnawing fear I may have to do some refresher sexual conversion sessions after I visit Australia in the future. The lads are that delicious, lol.

celebrating straight boy Bryce:



  1. *THIS* Bryce Gibbs does not - nor has he ever, played that (English football) game of rugby. He has only ever played Australian Rules football - the AFL. You have the wrong person.

  2. For the purpose of hotness this is def the right person!