Saturday, April 9, 2011

GODS OF MOTO: Marco Melandri of Italy

Why a girl as new writer? I've written before that a girl is my guarantee certificate for genuine men. Though I'm moving on because of my successful sexual conversion program, I'm not closing this blog as a favor to friends who just want to have genuine real men as fantasies. A girl at the helm will make sure everybody will have undiluted satisfaction of enjoying the real thing. This blog will be the first gay-oriented blog in history whose blogger decided he wanted to be an Ex-Gay after all. But it will still be prepared by the same team- same tranny researcher, same straight boy poster. My friends around the world have sent about 350 photosets of various athletes already into the backburner, half of those from Britain, about a fourth from Australia, the rest from the usual sources of delicious real men (Thanks, btw, even if we fail to publish your names). Delilah isn't exactly a professional writer, she'll just annotate the articles so don't expect feminist diatribes. I'll still contribute articles, particularly on the mechanics of my sexual conversion program & some interesting topics. So with Greg ( HomophobicChic).

Here's Marco, he will usher the rebirth of this blog into its next phase. As always, real men, delicious men.

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