Monday, April 4, 2011

GODS OF FOOTBALL: Dayne Crist of the US

In the end, labels are important. One should know where one belongs eventually. Some may dishonestly use labels to create "them"-against-"us" hullaballos to push a certain political agenda, but labels ensure that one finds where he fits eventually. Though it may seem exciting in the beginning because it is novel, being fluid with labels saps energy ultimately, leaving you neither here nor there, exhausted before you even begin to realize who you really are. Claiming being in the 21st century doesn't have anything to do with it, that's just one of the hackneyed farts of those who tend to pretentiously posture they are modern beyond their depths.

A reader reacted to my latest post. He is one of those who advertise themselves as "straight" in Craiglist, who are looking for other "straight men" willing to become their jack off partners, & possibly "some cocksucking". He said he has a girl & he has no interest either to suck a gay man, nor even to socialize with them, much less "identify" with them. He said he considers himself as "straight", mingles only with straight friends. He added he doesn't respect the normal-looking gays who "come out" (he wrote "look at all those normal-looking gays who outed themselves ten years ago, they are all lisping & limp-wristed now. They have been controlling their muscles all along, so it's easy for them to accept identifying themselves with the effeminate ones because they are effeminate themselves all along...").

Unlike me, he doesn't believe he has to undergo sexual conversion. He fucks his girl many times a week though he sucks a boy once every few months. But he can do without sucking the straight boy. He claims he can't be "put on level with a nancy boy who can only suck another boy when not sashaying his asshole out in the streets" (What is a nancy boy? lol).

Hmm, that reminds me, does that mean those athletes who came out also sashay in the dark?

Science has its own Taxonomy to give sanity to Nature's varying presentations. After all the pretentious farts, each species would seek where it belongs. Sooner or later, when age catches up, it will find its right place, or waylaid in a gutter.

Well, Dayne can be called with many labels, but he surely deserves this one- delicious.

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