Saturday, April 16, 2011

GODS OF BASKETBALL: Pau Gasol of Los Angeles Lakers

by Dick of All Dicks & Straight Boy Poster

We're still not returning to regular publication. This article on Pau Gasol has been on the drafts for months, I just whimsically decided to publish it because I'm spending the Semana Santa (the Holy Week for Catholics) in Spain. I just felt it's the right time to feature this 7" Barcelona boy.

I'm not religious, the last time I attended a Mass was decades ago. I don't describe myself an atheist or agnostic, religion simply didn't enter my mind. I am not into trendy posturing either, as common in most Latin countries, particularly in Spain, where Catholicism ruled so much of their lives that they delight in blatantly supporting political positions that are anathema to the Church's. It's their form of liberation, something "modern", the usual trendy fart, which is becoming the favorite excuse to "dumb down" anything. In these times when perpetual prosperity isn't assured in most Western European societies (with the exception of Germany), the same prosperity which underpinned the flourishing fights for democratic rights &, yes, modernity. Without that prosperity, do you even think the gains could be maintained?.

Portugal next door just turned insolvent, & Spain, with its 20% unemployment & gigantic deficits & debts, just saw its Prime Minister made a trip to visit the Chinese Premier in Peking to get reassurance to buy more of its debts (China already owns 12% of Spanish debts), then went to Singapore to search for more investments, but only to return again to China to meet with the Chinese General Secretary. Note that it takes nearly 7 hours between Peking & Singapore, & the Spanish Prime Minister still felt dignified after spending hours travelling from Peking to Singapore & back just because they didn't respect him enough to fix his appointments so that he can meet with both Chinese bosses without being waylaid to far Singapore in-between. I was watching Spanish TV & it amazed me that the Spanish commentators who were all gung-ho about invading Libya didn't even noticed that they aren't taken seriously. How can they pretend now to fight for human rights in Libya when they are beholden by their debts to another human rights violator?

Just being modern?

Until when?

I love this blog. We're supposed to be sexy but we're also into politics sometimes. Now, religious. So I decided to spend Semana Santa here. Is there a grand design? That's a question that suddenly popped out in my mind lately. I was amazed by the sudden synergy of factors that led me to change the course of my life, particularly sex life, lately. Just a few months ago, I was feasting on the most delicious straight men of the world, but here I am now, trying to tap whatever remnants of spirituality within me with my new girl friend. I don't ascribe anything supernatural to it but I just decided to revisit the so-called eternal truths once more. What will I find? Let's see.

I'm into life-changing reflections these days. All in a beefcake blog. LOL is too much an understatement.

The most delicious Spanish men physically can be found between Barcelona & La Coruna in the North, but I'm a very aural man, I have always been amazed by the role of sounds in the South, particularly in the Andalucian heartland, in sexual arousal: the Andalucian Castillian tounge tends to constrict the letter S after a vowel & this creates a naughty cadence which when spoken by a sexy young man (not same effect with mature ones) seems bewitching at once. Hicky, my snob friend from Madrid would say, but it's actually sexy. I spent hours just listening to a chabal talking manly talk while drinking himself to careless abandon, & each elided S had the effect of a vicarious foreplay that I invariably would have premature ejaculation in the room later. Those were the days.

One of my favorite Spanish groups come from Seville & they sing pop flamenco. Below is my favorite song of Fondo Flamenco. You won't believe ordinary words like distancia (distance), espero (I hope) & escuchame (listen to me) could be very sexy. The video was cheaply & unimaginatively done but concentrate on the sound of the chabales, the chorus is the thing- wait til you hear di'chtancia, e'pero & e'chcuchame transformed into masculine groans of sexual satisfaction. This song came early in their career so it was rough & lacked sophistication, but that's how delicious straight man should be- just be real, unaffected straight men.

Fondo Flamenco- Escuchame Mujer

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