Monday, March 28, 2011

GODS OF SOCCER: Stewart Downing of Aston Villa, Barclays Premier League

This blog started as a prank among three friends rendered bored by a rainy vacation. I never thought it would help me find myself instead, it virtually "shepherded" me into taking control of my sexuality. Obviously, I've "outgrown" it somewhat already, but, no, I won't let it die yet. I'm too grateful to it to discard it now just like that. I find it awkward though, I'm trying to desensitize myself from the charms of men but I have to think of things to write to celebrate them. The poster, a straight man, joked, it's not a problem really, as long as I don't jack off over the pictures. He's been posting naked pictures of delicious straight men for nearly two years & he hasn't been converted yet. Well, at least, that's what he claims, lol.

Most of my like-minded friends (also only into straight guys) were caught by surprise by my decision to finally follow Juan's example ("kill" my homosexual desires completely, that is). Some are already married & claimed they didn't have to do anything with their homosexual side when they started forming their families, it eventually just became an atrophied appendage of their personalities all by itself. I just felt it shouldn't be there by the time I go to the altar. I don't want an atropied entity within my personality. It's still there no matter if it's just an inert vestigial scar.

So how will the blog look going forward? Just the same, & more. Not doing manhunts meant I saved lots already so I allowed the poster to hire another writer. His girl. I'll still do articles but they can plaster it anywhere, as long as it's in the "main featured athlete" article. The poster has been serving as the de facto editor-in-chief since I started my conversion therapy. I already have trust on the researcher that she'll choose the right pictures just the way I trained her to. Greg promised he'll contribute more often. So do Ewan, Tom & Hans. Well, the last two will be starting their own conversion therapies soon too & Greg is my only friend who acknowledges he's "malignant"- incurable- so he might be the last one tending over this blog. Let's see how things will unfold.

Pete sent these photos. I believe you, Pete. Britain will never run out of delicious straight soccer stars. 5'11", 26 years old. In a previous version of me (lol), I would have fantasized so much over the bum of Stewart Downing- really chunky. Well, I haven't exactly started desensitizing myself, the therapy itself will start on May yet. I have to say Stewart is delicious. No guilt there.

Another lol.

celebrating straight boy Stewart:


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