Sunday, March 27, 2011

GODS OF SOCCER: Lars Kristian Eriksen of Lillestrom SK, Norwegian Premier League

I mentioned my sexuality conversion program was designed to run into 2 phases, the first is to increase my stimulation to all stimuli, including women. I've fucked 21 girls so far this year, I have a new girl friend, & I haven't sucked a boy. The second is to remove my reaction to unnecessary stimuli, specifically men. I finally decided I'll follow Juan's move-"kill" homosexual desires completely, that is- & start the second phase this coming May.

So, not only did I not bother to come out, I will try to get rid of it completely shortly. True, Pavlovian, but it's working so far. I guess, I could marry a nice girl & still can suck delicious straight boys from time to time, but I finally decided it would be better to be able to label myself a hetero at some point. It's about time. I've already tasted about 600 spectacular straight boys all over the world, I've had my time. In a few months, I'll be 30. Time to settle down. I owe it to my future sons, I plan to have many. I hope not one of them turns out to be gay, I don't want any of them to live the pathetic semi-life I am about to extricate myself from. I want them to enjoy the really delicious things in life & not be content in savoring watered-down wines.

My poster & researcher have already prepared about a hundred drafts. I'll still contribute texts for the articles every now & then (mostly progress notes of my conversion program) but I expect most of my friends to take over for most of the posts.

Far from being a watered down, Lars Kristian is vintage Norwegian wine. He surely smolders in the cold Nord.

celebrating straight boy Lars Kristian:

voice (the fourth one to speak)

Lillestrom s. Rubin Kazan

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