Tuesday, March 29, 2011

GODS OF SOCCER: Esteban Granero of Real Madrid, La Liga

by Delilah

I was told to write about anything except manicures & clothes- does that include shoes? :). I was supposed to complete the team- a ragtag of gay & bi men, a trans, a straight boy & a future ex-gay man AKA our "money man". No lesbians so far but I have no plans of becoming one.

My first assignment. Esteban is cute, isn't he? The poster is my boyfriend but I'm sure he'll agree Esteban is cute. One look at the pictures above & I 'm sure all the girls reading this are giggling right now. Wait til you see the rest. So with all the "sisters" of Dick out there who I'm sure will all feel radiantly beautiful once they lay their eyes on the pictures below. Have a fiesta, people! Here's Esteban!

celebrating straight boy Esteban:



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