Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GODS OF RUGBY: Romain Raine of Stade Francais, Top 14

Lol, I almost forgot I have a "much read" blog. Needless to say, because of the sexuality conversion program, a part of me has moved on. Let's see if we can still sustain the interest to pick up where we left off.

The pic above, nice view, isn't it? Not the only view I appreciate nowadays, in fact, my left index finger is drilling a girl's labia a la Rocco Siffredi while I'm dictating this over the phone. A porn star once said (not Rocco) that pleasure triumphs over morality. I will add to that, pleasure triumphs over all the divides- be it morality, politics, gender, & yes, sexual orientations. In the end, it's actually a matter of having the ability to get it up & take part in attaining pleasure. So you love dicks, but can you get it up to avail of the other myriad pleasures life has to offer? If not, shut up. Some bitter people with agenda (both hetero & homo, especially the malignant variety of the latter) try to put people in a box with labels just to put meaning to their delusions, but I'd rather mind my own business. I can get it up for girls & straight boys so what's my problem?

There's the dilemma. This blog started as a celebration of the dicks of straight sportsmen. But after nearly two years, I've obviously acquired a more diversified taste. It may be confining if I stick exclusively to the old subject. I haven't figured out what to do yet (I'm a busy person, I have more pressing responsibilities, come to think of it now). But you'll soon see.

Meanwhile, back to our original favorite subjects. Delicious straight boys. A few months back, there was this big headline in Italy about the confession to a tax court of noted Italian gay entertainment manager Lele Mora that he gave more than 2 million Euros within a two-year period to noted Italian womanizer Fabrizio Corona, a lover of some of the most famous women in Italy. Instantly, Fabrizio was accused of homosexuality, & the heckling was specially loud from a section of the gay population (some were apparently expecting Fabrizio to "come out" & identify with them, lol). The curious thing was who saved Fabrizio from being pilloried down unnecessarily- Guess who? The Italian machos themselves who immediately understood that Fabrizio only did it for the money. To Italian machos, it's not homosexuality if you have sex with gays with money. A mere rite of passage. Things got muddled when some homosexuals of the malignant variety started trying to legitimize themselves by pulling down to their levels anybody who experiments. While it's lamentable most of them are virtually "outsiders" in their own game (the delicious players don't want to play with them), I don't think all the struggles in the world would change that anyway. There's simply no leverage. At these times when the musical chairs of civilizations is the hot topic in the more informed circles, there may not even be time. In the last Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland early this year, the talk was come 2030, the Chinese economy would be worth $70 trillion dollars already but the American economy would only be worth half that- $35 trillion (worse than the initial estimate that China would only surpass US by that year). Would that mean the dropping in the "asking price" of Western straight men so that they will become "affordable" again? Would the "sudden affordability" mean the sudden "awakening" of those gays who have been subsisting on "lesser quality men" all those years to finally resist controlling their vomit reflexes & enjoy the real thing? I could almost hear it, "What love? I want the really delicious straight men!" Remember the Soviets? The Communists, who have been claiming they were happy with their rations, only to suddenly wake up from their delusions one day, threw down their shackles, & they are still busy stuffing themselves with what they have been missing during their " principled" delusionary years. The last time I heard, nobody is talking about the old principles anymore.

Changes. Let's see how this blog will evolve. Let me sort it out. All I can say now, life is delicious...


  1. one important label missing... nude frontal :)

  2. welcome back! i for one missed you a great deal!
    pax tibi.