Thursday, March 3, 2011

GODS OF RUGBY: Kevin Sinfield of Leeds Rhinos, Super League

Straight boy lovers understandably want to watch real men in their sports. With gay athletes sprouting, it's kinda somewhat icky fantasizing on British athletes nowadays, you don't know who would suddenly turn out as not the real men of your fantasies after all. But my British friend Pete said it should be the right time instead to bring out the real straight guys "worthy of our erections, just to forget the bile on our mouths & to forestall any impending dampening of interest on British sportsmen". As it is, after being eclipsed by the US as the richest country in the world & sinking in its standard of living even relative to such countries as Taiwan, Britain's only remaining claim to international superiority is its Premier League. It isn't currently sullied by any defects in its armor, but repercussions from the other "gayer" sport leagues might just compromise enthusiasm on the British brand. What next, do I hear somebody shouting" if you're looking for real Sport testosterone, skip Britain"? With one gay, one can still pretend being progressive, but more & it will shortly become a laughingstock.

The Brits are the second biggest readers, next to the Americans, but they are the top contributors to this blog. But from now on, I require information on the sexual history of the athletes they send (girl friend, wife, his address so I can send a detective to check,etc.). The athletes featured here are meant to be the epitomes of the kind of manhood (STRAIGHT) that we desire, not a potential source of nausea. Not all men who are into men are into delusions, they just want real delicious straight men for their fantasies.

Pete sent these pictures & he assured me Kevin Sinfield is all-man, straight. I asked the second opinion of my friend Ewan, who is a noted connoisseur of Northern England straight boys, & he confirmed. He's not the pretty boy type, but 6'0" Kevin is all we need from Britain nowadays- a real man.

celebrating straight boy Kevin:



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