Friday, March 25, 2011

GODS OF RUGBY: Daniel Giansiracusa of Western Bulldogs, AFL

I have many Aussie friends, Australia was my favorite playground about a couple of years ago & I've met many like-minded friends, but I still have to meet anybody not into straight guys. When I featured here a not so well known athlete-model who happened to have been featured in a gay magazine previously, almost all my close Aussie friends wrote to chide me, that I was lowering my standards. See, "true" straight guys are almost a religion Down Under. I couldn't blame them. I'm really amazed at how commonplace are the delicious straight guys. The rugby matches are practically the equivalent of a beefcake floor show. For them, it would seem to be downright "stupidity" to hanker for anything less.

We have here a stunning straight Italian Aussie. What can I say of Daniel Giansiracusa? Not enough words. He's simply delicious.

celebrating straight boy Daniel:



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