Thursday, March 24, 2011

GODS OF RUGBY: Andrew Trimble of Ulster, Magners League

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. I'm having dirty thoughts on Andrew Trimble, an Irish Theology student who plays for Ulster in the Magners League. One of my biggest fetishes: a religious straight boy. One of the hackneyed gay urban myths is that straight boys are hot because they're forbidden. Wrong, they're not forbidden, & they are hot because they are straight. You don't love a wine that is watered down, you want the real thing. But when there is a sort of "prohibition" on a straight boy (e.g. first, when he is a sexy young dad with cute kids & a sexy wife, & second, when he's religious), he becomes even more delicious.

6'2", 26 years old. Stunning. I can still enjoy Andrew while I haven't followed conclusively Juan's lead- the guy is trying to kill all his homosexual desires via his Ex-Gay therapies. Mine was designed to run into 2 phases, the first is to increase my stimulation to all stimuli, including women. It has been successful. The second is to remove my reaction to unnecessary stimuli, specifically men. Juan's way. I finally decided I'll follow Juan's move & get rid of it completely. As he said it, people nowadays change their faces to get ahead, why should an unwanted sexuality be spared if it jeopardises one's life trajectory. But that is, if you're benign, amenable to expansion of your sexual horizon, which as it turned out, is just like me.

But don't worry, I'll start the second phase on May yet. Meanwhile, let's enjoy Andrew. I didn't bother to include even a single shirtless pic- sexy religious straight boys are delicious as they are.

celebrating straight boy Andrew:



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