Friday, March 4, 2011

GODS OF FOOTBALL: Drew Weatherford of Tampa Bay Storms

Last night, I just had a threesome with two girls. It's the third month of 2011- I've fucked 19 girls so far this year, & I haven't sucked a boy. Yeah, I'm on my way out of the rut.

Some friends surmised things changed course because I was pressured by the decision of Juan to undergo therapy to "kill" all his homosexual desires. Actually, it was even earlier than that. Middle of last year, there was this constant flow of emails from gay readers proposing sex. I wasn't exactly flattered, I'm into sex with the same sex, but sorry, only with straight guys. In my world, majority of my friends are straight who have no idea I suck sexy men like some of them in my spare time, but I have other friends, also not bothering to come out, who are also into boys, suck a lot of them in their spare time, but don't suck each other nor anybody not straight. Gays just have no attraction for us. Love is nice, but how can you love somebody when you puke just thinking you have sex with him? We haven't probably attained the"modernity" required to regurgitate our own vomitus, but we don't intend to be that "modern" (lol). A part of the delusion of some presumptuous gays is everybody should have their taste as the common taste, & most have the propensity to call you labels (Homophobic is the favorite word, lol) if you don't lower yourself to their taste levels (being called a Homophobic is almost an honor if you can repel their advances). Such political blackmails could be easily solved by telling them what you think they are to their faces. Just to jolt them to reality. If they are offended, we're also offended by their presumption we have their low taste. I think, it's best to mark our territory as separate from theirs. Those creepy emails started this idea that I keep a certain distance. Which I didn't expect would yawn wide the way it did.

Straight guys are delicious but really- it's really a stretch to say a muscle diva could be hot, no matter how long he stays in the gym. Imagine all the political struggles day & night as if everything was for a really great noble cause- but what a noble cause, just to suck another gay man in the end, & for the rest of their lives?! You're fighting to be respected, but will you respect yourself with the reward given to you for all your troubles? Greg said it was like jumping from misery to the mud.

Almost tragi-comic. Really, it's turning out being exclusively gay is not delicious. You love sucking a man, but what's available if you don't have the money is a bootleg version. You look at those TV clips of those queens who got married & you don't know whether to laugh or cry when you hear them say they are happy. Happy for what, for having the stomach to suck each other? Really, no other alternative? You actually have this unwelcome instinct to save them from each other. A sad comical existence, I rather think. I don't think all the rights of the world would help if you'd only be living that kind of life.

I am out of that. I have now the confidence to call myself bisexual. Moving up. I haven't told you, I already have an open relationship with one of the girls last night.

That doesn't mean I don't notice somebody straight & delicious like Drew Wetherford. 6'3", 25 years old. The right reward. Worth living for...


celebrating straight boy Drew:



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  1. Hey man. Hellz yeah, Drew Weatherford is hella hot. The pics in maroon/gold are from Florida State Univ. Starting 2nd year w/Tampa Bay Storm now.
    Cool blog.
    - MGMD