Sunday, March 20, 2011

GODS OF CALCIO: Marco di Vaio of Bologna FC, Serie A

by Dick of All Dicks & Straight Poster Boy

Ok, let's usher in our return with an Italian. I became interested with Italy when I learned about the election of Cicciolina, a porn star, to the Italian Parliament some years back. A country that does that has the honesty to mock itself in the mirror & accepts its warts & all, meaning, a more realistic handle on how to proceed forward. In a way, Italy is the first Western European country to stray from a culture "homogenized" by democratic pretenses, which tended to make the other European societies unexciting & boring, even blatantly hypocritical. The continuous hold on power of Silvio Berlusconi, my favorite Western leader, ensures that my fascination with the country has no end in sight. Of course, add to that the fact that it has many stallions who play my favorite night games, it's a very interesting place indeed.

Speaking many languages, I have a very international outlook on life.Present technology allows one to live vicariously in many countries at the same time. Like last night, I was surfing through the Western European news channels & I had fun, I couldn't stop laughing. It's all about the Libya thing. Of course, we all know by now, the heads of France & Britain led the efforts to form a largely NATO force to try to intervene in a largely independent country, with the pretext of saving civilians. You could see Sarkozy & Cameron posturing to look very powerful indeed while the only European country which is "economically healthy", Germany, is playing wise in the sidelines. Britain is in danger of defaulting on its loans & it's cutting heavily on its expenses back home, but Cameron postures as if Britain has plenty of cash to spare in helping rebels of a distant land who can't end a war they started, & who would definitely become puppets of the intervening foreign powers if they're helped successfully, if ever, which I doubt anyway (Democracy? Lol). France, of course, has been plagued by economic anemia for a long time, & the arrival of Sarkozy into power didn't improve things. In the last survey for the next Presidential election, the leader of a usually marginalized ultra-right party, Marine Le Pen, is even leading him. Obviously, Sarkozy needed something to make himself look "great", but I have a feeling this will fall flat on his face instead. He's turning out to be the French Cicciolina, making the French people, when they look into a mirror, mock themselves. Western Europe today is composed of countries which are highly indebted & barely growing, while Asia & Latin America (read Brazil) are roaring past them. Their militaries are reminders of their high-economic growth years but it's doubtful if they even have the money to update them in the next few years when the emergent economies would have more money to replenish theirs. What, roaring now while they can still roar? Or roar like a lion to pretend as not having mutated yet into rats?

Here's one more laugh: Spain, with 20% unemployment, a high possibility of becoming the "next Greece", & just recently saved by a big Chinese infusion to its bonds, is also heavy on the war thumping effort. In fact, it has the longest parade of "consultants" advising intervention on its national TV. Notice, the more in economic trouble the European countries are, the more bellicose they are in intervening in other countries.

I have this sneaking suspicion the Chinese & Russians, who played along for the ride in giving the UN signal, are laughing in the sidelines.

It's good Obama decided not to send American troops & not become part of the NATO Keystone cops in Libya. Frankly, after the disastrous Bush wars, I'm disappointed Obama even gave his time to this one. It's a comedy of hypocrisies out there. If the West wasn't able to clone its values to the world when it controlled the world's purse, how could it do it now when they are down to their necks in debt? Instead of helping the West, I fear this little adventure of the economically-depressed European countries would be seen by its rivals as proof of its approaching irrelevance.

I would prefer that the West face its own big problems squarely instead. All these unnecessary "image-building" diversions won't help if the boat is leaking & need patching up. Everybody could see those holes anyway despite the diversionary fireworks. Anybody who has more money can have deadlier toys sooner or later anyway.

Well, Marco di Vaio doesn't need patching up, he needs to be exposed fully. We have somebody sexy here. An Italian. I will write why the Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi is my favorite in one of our future posts. This post is a collaboration with our straight boy poster who formerly had a political blog. I asked for his views & I was amazed how we have the same readings on current events.

celebrating straight boy Marco: