Monday, March 21, 2011

IT'S A PORN WORLD, AFTER ALL: Belladonna, Manuel Ferrara For Presidents!

So, Obama is no better than Bush. He not only copied Bush's Baghdad Shock & Awe in Tripoli. He even surpassed Bush' favorite pose- trying to look all-powerful & ever correct, but this time complete with fiery eyes & trembling voice at that (watch the "...the policy is Khadaffy must go" footage). Despite dubious moral footing, that is. It turned out he's deeper into the Libya transgression than I initially thought. The guy has lost his moral ascendancy, his ONLY qualification btw, so can I suggest Jenna Jameson or Belladonna for the next Presidential election? It seems to me a quick anal summit with Khaddafy could have just as easily solved the problem. There would've been no need to spend $500 million per day.

In France, as expected, Sarkozy's ratings went sky-high after the fireworks show. I reminded Yves of what I told him long ago, that the vaunted French philosophers comprise just a tiny fraction of the population. Most are just content playing a nice RPG game like all the common folks everywhere. They should elect Manuel Ferrara or Silvia Saint as the next President in France.

Imagine President Manuel Ferrara making a state visit to the White House residence of President Belladonna. They will make a joint declaration of "Make love, not war" then promptly join an all-double anal orgy in lieu of a national banquet. How more delicious the world would be. Lol.

At least, there would be less hypocrisy...

Here's a preview of what could happen in the White House when soon-to-be President Manuel Ferrara of France visits soon-to-be President Belladonna of the US: watch it here.