Friday, February 18, 2011

Is It Diego Ribas' Dick, Or Not?

We've featured Diego Ribas earlier this week (see here). The day after, Francisco from Barcelona sent the following pictures showing scans of Diego in a webcam chat. It was part of a webcam scandal which happened in Brazil a few years ago where a certain Felina was able to engage quite a few Brazilian celebrities, including some well-known sportsmen, in a webcam chat & captured her adventures on video, which she promptly disseminated in the internet subsequently. We have a copy of the video of Diego from that infamous scandal (watch it at the bottom) but it was short & didn't show him jacking off his cock. Francisco sent some pictures showing Diego doing exactly that. We tend to believe they're fake unless the alleged second portion of the video comes up (which is exactly the case with the other victims involved in the scandal, the cut-off jack-off portions later turned up). We won't stop looking.

Probably fake, but if it's true, Diego is, without doubt, superdelicious:

The video:

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