Friday, February 18, 2011

GODS OF SOCCER: Stefan Maierhofer of MSV Duisburg, Bundesliga, on loan from Wolverhampton Wanderers, Barclays Premier League

At 6' 7 1/2", this 28 year-old Austrian is a delicious bratwurst waiting to be devoured by the world. We have a Bundesliga Festival today. The league is bursting with delicious straight men we have to cram them in today's post.More tomorrow actually. The Premiere League lost some of it's sizzle when a big hunk of sex appeal like Stefan was allowed to be loaned out to another league which is already bursting with sex appeal anyway. Stefan is a favorite photographic model in his country so we have interesting photos in store here. And, yes, he's got nude photos!

Hans sent many nude pics of Stefan but we're only publishing two un-watermarked ones, just to give us an idea of how far he goes to please his fans. Below are photos with watermarks, samples of the work of Stefan & Austrian photographer Marlies Getz. If you want to get the whole clean set, click here & support the guy. I like the private entrepreneurship of players like Stefan. No full-frontal yet, but who knows in the future if we supported him right

celebrating straight boy Stefan:


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