Thursday, February 24, 2011

GODS OF SOCCER: Rasvan Cocis of FC Karpaty, Ukrainian Premier League, on loan from Al-Nassr, Saudi Premier League

I copied some time ago the video file of the old French film Cinque Fois Deux by Francis Ozon into my tablet but I only found the time to watch it recently while hanging out in a coffee shop. It is one of the films in the list given to me by the wife of Yves when she found out I am fond of French auteur films. The film actually captured succinctly a particular gay reality that no researcher bothers to dig deeply probably because they are discouraged by expected howls from the usual noisy self-deluding crowd. The gays in the movie are just minor characters- as mostly de rigueur in French films directed by gay directors, you'd expect the injection of gay tones even in a largely heterosexual film. The old gay character in the film has a younger boyfriend who plays around & the former knows it. It reflects the current gay reality, even in America, where most gays play around even if they have so-called boy friends & both partners seem to accept it as "normal" in a gay relationship. Why should it be "normal"? Greg has a theory. Because gays can't find what they're looking for in other gays, so they flit from one gay to another gay without really getting full sexual satisfaction, nor admitting to themselves honestly what they should really be looking for. They're always on the lookout for the right delicious one, but they'll never find him because he will never be there where they're looking. So they continue with the motions of looking some more. Then some more. As if they were afraid that if they stayed loyal & cocooned long enough with their gay boyfriend, they'd be forced to admit they're making do with a substitute or even leftover. Of course, they'll get tired eventually & just accept the status quo out of sheer exhaustion

Well, if you struggled long & hard for your so-called equality just to end up making do with "leftovers", was everything even worth it all along?

Rasvan is 6', delicious & straight, & I am sure, if you're lucky to convince him to become your "kept boy", you won't end up feeling as if you'd be making do with substitutes for the real thing.

celebrating straight boy Rasvan:

a locker room in Romania, Rasvan at right

voice & action

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