Friday, February 11, 2011

GODS OF SOCCER: Per Ciljan Skjelbred of Rosenborg BK, Norwegian Premier League

The 17th day of my sexuality conversion therapy program. 12 girls fucked, 0 guys.

Being benign in one's skewed sexuality creates different expectations. The currently dominant (seemingly, because it is the one which is open) gay culture reflects more the mindset, lifestyle & level of taste of a big noisy section of the malignant gays or the incurable ones. While solidarity is imperative if you want to change the world, one should be wary of who you're locking arms with in your so-called struggles. Especially if you don't need to struggle anymore. Come to think of it, a benign case doesn't have to lock arms anymore because he can get by in the present set-up. Sex with men, even with straight men, is available anyway. Does everyone really want to live & love according to the blueprint of the noisy malignants? When I see a muscle diva couple proudly claiming they are "happy" with each other, I don't have much pride in identifying with them. I hate to admit it but I pity them, I can't begin to imagine how they can stomach kissing, much less have sex with the likes of each other. If that isn't misery, I don't know what is. They may profess they are fighting misery imposed on them by society, but it seems to me they themselves are digging themselves deeper into misery.

No, I don't feel any solidarity with anything not delicious. There, I said it. Most kept silent before even as the standards of desires were pulled down by the malignants as a sign of solidarity to something. No more. These days, one should just simply choose who he's in solidarity with.

We simply are not terminal cases (malignant) like them.

But I am in solidarity with whoever who says Per is delicious. Per Ciljan Skjelbred is straight, cute, sexy. Delicious. Sucking him is life world living. No nausea or trace of misery there.

celebrating straight boy Per:


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  2. The unfortunate thing is that you sound far more brain-washed and full of contradictions than you ever did before. Your words make that quite evident.

    Your life before seemed watered down to you not because you were gay but because of how you chose to live your life in a superficial and unfulfilling way. One can choose to accept himself for who he is, be who he is and still live life in a fulfilling manner. Your life post conversion therapy seems far more watered down to me.

    Takes an outsider's perspective to gauge such things i suppose.