Saturday, February 26, 2011

GODS OF SOCCER: Patrick Helmes of VfL Wolfsburg, Bundesliga

My favorite line, if I would only be teaching myself to enjoy sex with a gay man, I would rather teach myself to enjoy sex with women. I'm giving myself high marks for the self-education so far. Being born with a derangement in your sexuality is miserable, but you don't have to live with it if you don't like it. Especially if you have the type of derangement which can still be tamed. I use the word "benign" for that. The incurable, the malignants. Well, the latter can only live with it.

I received an interesting feedback from a reader. He wrote to protest he's not one of the "low-class malignant gays who pulls down the standards of desire" though he admits he's one of the congenitally outed gays because he has lisp & limp wrists. But he added, not all incurable malignants "can stomach marrying a muscle diva". Most malignants like him are into straight guys only too, he says.

A matter for clearer definitions. I was referring to the malignant malignants. Or better, the Metastasizing Malignants. Just like cancers which metastasize & affect other organs of the body. I'm referring to those outed gays who conjure all those ruses to "hoodwink" others to "come out" also so they could increase their numbers to keep them company in their misery & conscript them to fight their fights. Do they care that others who are "less damaged & may be amenable to therapy"should be spared from a more miserable life? Oh, but just like in any struggle, there are collateral damages, & the dumb benigns, especially the young, are ready stoogees. But fortunately, despite the noise, not many are into malignant delusions.

Patrick is 27, 6'0" & more delicious than currywurst. Only the malignantly catatonic won't nibble at him the whole day.


celebrating straight boy Patrick:

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