Wednesday, February 16, 2011

GODS OF SOCCER: Emmanuel Alejandro Villa of Cruz Azul, Primera Division de Mexico

by HomophobicChic

Dick wrote about me before. He was referring to me in this post here. Ok, I'll try my hand on writing. I'm not good at this but I do strange things for my friends. Anyway, I was assured the poster will edit my musings to make it presentable. I hope. But I can do this only once in a blue moon. Dick called up last night because the tranny researcher had a hard time composing for the post yesterday.

Why HomophobicChic? Well, when I was 18, I was gullible enough to believe a queen friend so I did a coming out. To cut the story short, after a few times making out with queens, I became so disgusted I thought I wasn't enjoying being gay after all. Another gay friend advised me to just make out with masculine gays. I found them more disgusting instead. You're expecting to do it with a real man which they looked like but the minute they started panting, they were not different from the queens. The effect was worse because you were expecting them to be real men which they looked like. So I thought - why not just real men? There was this old gay who had the time of his life chasing after Marines. He was rich so he had the money. So I thought, being gay is ultimately an economic thing. So I tried very hard to improve my economic lot. Being gay gives one an economic glass ceiling, most languish in small-time jobs, so most gays can't afford straight guys because they are poor. In my travels, I discovered it is only in the developed countries where gays have sex with other gays because they can't afford straight guys. But in poorer countries, where straight guys are cheap, even poor gays can afford them so it's beneath their self-respect to make out with other gays. Gays in America try to rationalize that they are being modern. No, they only can't afford it because they are too poor to be noticed by the straight guys. Dick calls it self-delusion, I call it simpler- plain fooling oneself.

When I became rich, I forgot my poor gay friends who I heard are still making out with each other because they are still poor. The actors who came out recently will find it's not in their economic interest to come out because it makes you poor. They destroyed their careers for what? To suck another gay man? The rich gays in Brazil will laugh at them. In Brazil, only the trying hard middle classes copy what they thought are the "classy" things in America, just to create the impression they are classy as well. But the rich & the lower classes can afford the cheap straight Brazilians so they are just laughed at.

So why HomophobicChic? Because some low-class gays try to put any gay who has taste into defensive by calling them homophobic. I'm not homophobic because I love having sex with the same sex. But only if he is straight because I have taste. I'm a total homophobic when it comes to the one I have sex with. Because I can afford a straight man anyway. That's chic.

Ok, I heard they will post this with pictures of a big, beefy but cute athlete. My type. I believe in Dick's taste.

Hey, Dick, I wrote this. Not by a ghostwriter, dude.

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