Thursday, February 10, 2011

GODS OF RUGBY: Tom Hislop of Essendon, AFL

Another delicious Aussie. They don't seem to run out. Flash floods are sweeping across the eastern seaboard of the subcontinent, fires are breaking loose in the west- but the cute sexy mates are in no way near decimated. They are the first ones to be saved, according to my Aussie friend, also named Tom. He lives in Sydney but his parents suddenly found themselves living in an inland sea created by the floods in Victoria. He went there to help his parents but he came back with loads of pictures of cute shirtless lads in wet clinging loose shorts generously outlining their struggling-to-be free bulges. To serious Aussies, it was a disaster, but to Tom it was paradise. I'm not surprised if the guy is praying for a La Nina every year in Australia. There are enough straight boy-loving gays in Australia to save first thing all the cute mates like Tom Hislop from any disaster.

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