Wednesday, February 9, 2011

GODS OF RUGBY: Shaun Lunt of Huddersfield Giants, Super League

Another playful Rugby lad. How playful? You'll know soon enough. It's obvious England doesn't run out of delicious straight sport lads & we're not about to ignore them. True, it's the 16th day of my sexuality conversion program, but I haven't totally renounced the delicious lads ( not yet anyway) & I'm not about to miss the chance to feature playful Shaun Lunt. 15 days done, 10 days of which spent fucking girls (boys, none) but I can still see Shaun is delicious, lol.

True to form (still), we never pass any chance to celebrate a delicious straight sportsman. The magic words: delicious straight man.

Being attracted to men doesn't necessarily mean wanting to have sex with a gay man. I guess it's more practical to have sex with a girl than with a gay man. There's something logical with that old adage opposites attract: with a woman, I can pull the masculine side of me (however minuscule it may be) to interact with her. With a gay man, I can't pull my feminine side because I know he's more a woman (psychewise, at least) than a man. I lose attraction to a man, however masculine he might look, if I learned he's gay or even bisexual leaning more on the gay side (Bisexual in being sexually attracted to both sexes. One can have sex without sexual attraction, all you need is friction). If I would only be teaching myself to enjoy having sex with a gay man, it's more to my advantage to just teach myself to enjoy sex with a woman.

Needless to say, sex with a straight man would click with the feminine side. I'm now trying very hard to fortify the masculine side but enough is still left (as yet) on the other side to make me appreciate the lads. Including Shaun Lunt.

celebrating straight boy Shaun:

voice (together with -surprise!- other delicious Rugby lads)

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