Sunday, February 6, 2011

GODS OF RUGBY: Maxime Medard of Stade Toulousain, Top 14

So, what happens when you discover you're not untreatable after all? I stated before I have a limited objective in my sexuality conversion therapy program - only that of equalizing my attraction to both sexes. I was convinced I could be comfortable having sex with sexy straight men even if I'd be married & have kids already (Sex with straight men is available, & I agree it's more delicious when hidden & far from being turned into a hackneyed game). But like many things in life, one could just be suddenly surprised that he might be getting more than what he bargained for. Only two weeks of exclusively fucking women & I'm just like a kid discovering a new favorite toy. The fact I could do it is giving me new perspectives. Even new objectives. New hopes even. Sometimes one only has to dare to step forward to conquer anything.

What is the patho-physiology of a deranged sexual orientation? Why are some born congenitally "outed" & some are not? At this late hour of political debates & hysteria, there's still a vague understanding of the etiology of the beast. The noisy but old tactic of the malignant cases or the incurable (those with involuntary physical manifestations come to mind), who try to politically blackmail the so-called closet (including those some may call benign ones) has seen better days. It only lowered the standards of what makes a delicious man. As if, just because a group is noisy, they could harass anybody into agreeing they're also delicious when, in fact, to many they are nauseous. What's next, a group of cross-eyeds harassing everybody to agree they are the new standards of beauty?

The past few days have been exhilarating. At least, I am getting the reassurance I'm a benign case. Juan was right, not everybody are in the same boat. Talking of the virtue of not being stampeded into unnecessary "coming outs".

Oh yes, what about Maxime Medard? What about him? Do you remember the standards of a delicious man long before the days of noisy nausea? Look at Maxime Medard, the standards are alive. Straight & delicious. A genuine man.

celebrating straight boy Maxime:

en chambre avec Maxime


Toulouse vs. Sale Sharks


  1. I don't get it :-?? Are you saying that you are bisexual?

  2. this blog is a journal of my sexual evolution- better to read it from the beginning so you will understand the gamut of issues ranging in my mind along the journey. I didn't shy away from any issue, I met them head-on

  3. Hey man. I just kind identify to everything you wrote in this page. I dont label myself as gay... I just like straight guys, not girl-like guys. I cannot feel part of any group with the word "gay" on it. I would like to know what kind of sexual conversion program you took?

  4. maxime medard is gay?