Sunday, February 27, 2011

GODS OF RUGBY: Dimitri Yachvili of Biarritz, Top 14

Sexual liberation was supposed to be the freedom to pursue one's sexual inclinations. But along the way, the agenda has been coopted by not too delicious forces. My articles on my sexuality conversion program apparently caused some bitter creatures to sharpen their knives. We immediately deleted their comments in the blog itself but they inundated our email accounts.Why, aren't they glad that I'm making headway in getting out of the misery? To think I have only indicated I'm gunning for 80:20 target conversion rate. How would've they reacted if I aimed for 100%? They'd most likely go insane for being left out in the pits. They seem to be gloatingly happy when they can pull somebody in, but they go crazy when somebody can find the sense to leave.

Simply, there is a spectrum of damage, & not everybody is hopelessly compromised. It should be a cause of celebration that somebody can get out of the rut, but apparently, it has the opposite effect on some. One even wrote there is "acceptance already & no need to change... You can suck gay men because they suck you back". I'm getting out not because of acceptance. I'm getting out because there is a better life. If you can suck gay men, good for you. But I can't, I'll vomit. You mean, I'll swallow my vomit just because a gay man sucks back? To each his own taste, kiddo. That's sexual liberation.

To tell you the truth, as long as there are hot straight men, most will see gay men as lesser versions. History seeks its own level. Forget the promos. That's wishful thinking, like when gays were hoping that things will change after the world is supposed to be "educated" when "Milk" was shown. It bombed. Simply, being exclusively gay isn't really interesting, & if you can find an exit, run for it.

Well, while running & you happen to see Dimitri, you can stop & marvel at this 5'11 1/2" French-Georgian. A real man. Delicious.

celebrating straight boy Dimitri:



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