Monday, February 14, 2011

GODS OF FOOTBALL: Bob Chandler of the US

19th day of my sexuality conversion therapy. 14 girls fucked, the last 3 with the same girl. Guys, 0.

I might have been shortchanging myself for not intending to go all the way right away. My initial objective was just limited: just to make it 50:50 attraction to both sexes. My decision to finally get a handle on my sexual issues opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities. In my profession, there are cases when the evolution of a disease strays away from what the textbooks say. Perhaps there's a pathological pathway that wasn't discovered or well-studied yet. That may be so in all pathologies, even in things sexual. Much more in the derangements of sexual orientations where the issues have been muddled by politics, especially the hysteric variety. Mostly, the views of the terminal cases (malignants or incurables) are heard because they are the noisiest (they have nothing more to lose anyway). But they don't represent all the spectra of sexuality pathologies, even in the homosexual end.

That's the reason I don't subscribe to the gimmick of harassing others to do a "coming-out". If you're a congenitally outed gay or even a Cyril, by all means, "come out" (born outed actually anyway, formal "coming out" or not), or you'll just be exhausted modulating your voice or making rigid your limp wrists. But for the more benign cases, which is the silent majority, not being born a Cyril or a congenital presents a different set of options altogether. You don't have to be suckered into pulling up anybody if you'd just be pulled down to a pathological state- & life- where you don't belong.

As it turns out, homosexuality isn't black & black.

I decided I won't settle for 50:50 anymore. I should have done this earlier. Perhaps, a part of me just didn't care then, or just like an alcoholic, was too intoxicated with the thrill of doing something unorthodox. I'll try a new tact this time. Especially that I have found a girl I rather enjoy having sex with. So far.

For the last week, except for the main articles where I updated on my conversion therapy program, all the posts were written by my friends. Did you notice the difference? My assistants have already prepared 172 drafts, all of which were athletes which I told them to research, & they will only add the texts (I wrote all the posts today though). I'll still contribute an article every now & then, but I'll be serious with my sexuality conversion therapy program for a while &, Pavlovian it may seem, try to strengthen more my sexual sensitivity to women. My new goal: 70:30.

This blog has a 70% return readership, very unusual for a blog, I heard. That's the level of loyalty of the followers. That was the reason I couldn't drop it as easily even when I begun therapy. Actually there are more unique readers now than before we had a Christmas holiday last year but majority of the readers are now only reading the updates everyday because they return everyday. Only the new readers are reading more than one page (traffic depends on page views). Thanks for joining the ride.

Sexy Bob Chandler posed in 1982, I was one year old. Things should have progressed by now, these things should have been de rigueur by now. Alas, they hide skin these days in Football.

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