Tuesday, February 1, 2011

GODS OF CRICKET: Michael Clarke of Australia

The surest way to strip an Aussie cricket player is to offer him a tidy sum to appear in an underwear campaign. The surest way to convince him to take off the underwear is to offer him the chance to do a naked photoshoot for a good cause. The former helps the pocket, the latter helps the soul. I wonder why they've stopped doing good causes in Australia. As if their sexy athletes aren't concerned of their souls anymore. Who would refuse to strip if doing so would help them get to heaven?(Oops, that sounds tad corny, my desperation to see an Aussie cricket dick is showing there, lol)

Well, seeing Michael Clarke in underwear is near heaven. There may be a third Cricket calendar again this year. There's a way to make it heaven (Still corny. Well, nobody can't accuse me of not trying hard to make those underwears disappear, lol).

celebrating straight boy Michael:

underwear ad

Hungry For It


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