Thursday, February 17, 2011

CUTE GOD OF SOCCER: Aaron Ramsey of Arsenal, Barclays Premier League

Cute, cute, cute Aaron Ramsey. 6'0" & only 20 years old. Didn't we tell you Arsenal is the tastiest team in the Premier League? Robin, Nicklas, Cesc, Marouane, Aaron....

This is Dick again. I was forced to return for this post because of a flurry of calls from friends after reading the post of Greg (or HomophobicChic) yesterday (read here). I kinda find it hilarious actually, though very much vintage Greg, brutally frank. My European friends, who are mostly reserved, started calling Greg "probably Texan" because he was too conscious of his "being rich". I had to reassure them Greg has the kindest soul though he is really rich & I learned from him some tactics in using money to ensnare a straight guy. I told Greg he kinda sounded "like a breathless queen" in his choice of words though & the guy threatened not to invite me to Brazil anymore (Brazil is his favorite playground). Well, I retorted, who knows, I may imitate Juan & go for 100% in my conversion, I don't have to manhunt in Brazil anymore. Lol.

Seriously, the approach of my 30th birthday is nudging me to make the really important decisions. This blog has been my sounding board while I was digesting some really deep dilemmas. A sort of public auto-psychotherapy session. It has been helpful.

celebrating straight boy Aaron:



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