Tuesday, February 1, 2011

80 MILION DOLLAR MAN: Fernando Torres Off To Chelsea

I don't know about you but the photo of a sexy young father doting on his baby is very sexy to me- there's something compelling with a sexy young dad, my greatest fetish. Especially if he is as delicious as Nando Torres. He's not, by any chance, one of the needy sexy young fathers with big cocks whom I always love to help because he doesn't need any help from me. He just bagged the 4th largest transfer price for any soccer player, $80 million dollars from Liverpool to Chelsea.

The photo above actually gave me a nascent hard-on. Darn. I'm supposed to be on a "diet (from men)" for a month, I have to strengthen my attraction to girls, & here I am swooning over Nando Torres. I have to be serious with the "equalization of gender stimulation " program I designed with the Ex-gay therapist. I just called some of my friends to take over the blog for a while but they all claimed they can't write a coherent paragraph. They can figure out how to earn millions but they are stymied by words? Now, because of this damn hardon, I have to fuck another girl again tonight. The third in four nights. I may start forgetting guys. Lol.

Some $80 million views:

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