Wednesday, February 2, 2011

56 MILLION DOLLAR MAN: Andy Carroll of Liverpool, Barclays Premier League

It's good delicious Andy still hasn't cut his hair. I don't know why but I love kissing cute, sexy straight guys with long hairs on the lips. You know, kissing him torridly while running my hand softly through the fibers of his hair. It becomes doubly delicious because a straight guy tends to balk when kissed on the lips torridly. It's easy to silence him, however: whisper more zeroes. His tounge would then even eagerly fence with yours. There's nothing more delicious than the taste of a straight man's tounge fencing with your tounge.

But that's not our story. Andy just transferred from Newcastle to Liverpool for $56 million. This is one long-haired guy I may never kiss on the lips. He may ask for too much zeroes.

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