Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sven Kramer of the Netherlands

This is weird. Juan arrived yesterday & we immediately painted the town red. No, we didn't cruise straight boys this time, though Gordon, my LA straight boy, came with us, but he took his girl friend Tina along, together with two of Tina's sorority sisters. I didn't run away from Juan's challenge. We were three pairs, & I fucked a girl last night, but here I am writing now again about a sexy man.

At least, I'm writing about a Dutch boy. I have a thing on Dutch straight boys even though they usually have pale scrotums. I first experimented with boys in Amsterdam nearly a decade ago. In fact, it's only in the Netherlands where I have openly gay friends who know I'm into men too. Elsewhere, I only do partial outing to like-minded close friends who don't out themselves as well, especially to the outed gay community (a different culture & mindset, even lifestyle, altogether). But right from the beginning, I always followed my sex-with-straights-only rule. Just because whenever I learn a guy is gay, I lose all sexual appetite. The sexual orientation of a man is everything to me, it defines the package: knowing that a guy, no matter how masculine-looking he is, is pursuing other guys just destroys the illusion. I'm the type who "eats" a guy, & it just makes me instantly nauseous thinking I may be licking somebody who may be pirouetting in some dark corner in his own time. As I wrote before, a straight man to me is like a wine: I wanna savor his manly conquests, his potency as a true man. He's not just a dick, I'm having sex with the totality of a real man. Saying it's modern just won't make a gay man measure to the ideal. For me, it gives modernity a bad taste.

If you want modern taste, try Sven. He must be delicious. Though Mary (believe it or not, that's the name of the girl I fucked last night) is delicious in a way too, come to think of it. Juan came here for his Ex-Gay therapy sessions next week. Will I join him? I've been wrestling with that question this whole week. You may have noticed I've tackled so many provocative topics this week, hints of what's raging in my mind. That was me thinking aloud. Whatever. I bet Sven, like Lucas of Utrecht, the last straight Dutch boy I sucked, would be delicious.

celebrating straight boy Sven:

hot training

more hot training

one on one


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