Friday, January 7, 2011

The Real Top Dicks of December, 2010

We posted the Top Dicks for the month of December, 2010 before (see here) but apparently, the list was incomplete- it lacked the real winners.

Well, blame it on the holiday binges. I only noticed it now. I emailed the article draft to the poster but apparently, my written instructions were misunderstood. There was a tie in the position of the most downloaded pic for the month (probably because they were featured in the same article -click here) so I labeled these pictures as "0" then the next one as "1" meaning "first runner-up", & so on. The poster missed the pics labeled as "0", the real winners.

It's never too late.

1. Mirco Bergamasco, Italy- Rugby

1. Fabrice Fiorese, France- Rugby

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