Friday, January 28, 2011

GODS OF TRIATHLON: Jan Frodeno of Germany

Another cute German. I've sucked more Dutch straight boys than Germans (about 3:1) but it's more a question of geography, I love the "irreverent" cities of the Netherlands so I tend to play there more often. That doesn't mean, of course, that I haven't tasted many straight German dudes. As I wrote before, I prefer in bed the long & lean when it comes to North European types. Jan, the Gold Medalist for Triathlon in the last Olympics in Beijing, is a delicious slim 6'4". You don't see him often in Germany these days, however. He lives in Capetown. His pictures were compiled by my Afrikaner friend Bill, my partner before in my straight guy cockhunts in South Africa. He's now married with two cute kids so I never expected he'll contribute to this blog. He said it's his way of saying "Congratulations" to me. He congratulated me for fucking a girl again. He should congratulate me again, I fucked another girl again last night, in a tag with Gordon. I guess, I just have to do it more often now. The Ex-Gay therapist suggested as much. Plus I may receive more congratulations from my married friends, meaning more pictures, to post in this blog.

celebrating straight boy Jan:

olympic gold


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