Sunday, January 23, 2011

GODS OF SOCCER: Toni Kroos of Bayern Munich, Bundesliga

The other Sunday, I related that Juan arrived for his Ex-Gay sessions & that I was to decide if I'd join him or not. I've made my decision the following Monday yet. I did join him. All through the past week, you've read articles which were rescheduled from our holiday break because I didn't have much time to write new ones. I don't have to kill my homosexual desire like Juan's goal. I'm comfortable with enjoying a straight man every now & then, just like enjoying a bottle of good wine, tasting good food in a well-recommended restaurant or visiting & revisiting a favorite city. The spices of life. I'm not the type who'll form a romantic relationship with a man, I'll be the first to vomit if he started swooning & saying "I love you" to me. What attracts me to a man is his real manhood, his heterosexuality, if you may- one of the spices of life, but not something I will define my life with. I like to savor the manly conquests, lick the thing that sends his women into ecstasy, taste the seed that produces cute babies, feast, then afterwards, return to the business of life & it's challenges. I can still indulge in my binges on sexy straight men every now & then, even if I'd eventually get married & have my own kids.

I have an open mind with regard to these so-called Ex-gay therapies. It really depends on what an individual wants. In Medicine, new therapies are discovered every day, old methods are revised & updated regularly. What is important is what a man with homosexual tendencies ultimately envisions himself to be. How can anybody condemn any mode of therapy if the definitive etiologies of homosexuality haven't even been definitively determined & defined? It could be multi-factorial, it could be anything. A congenitally outed gay could be diagnosed right away as malignant or untreatable (the speech patterns & queeny physical manifestations may require yet unheard of Frankenstein rehab therapeutics, or you'll just be creating the Cyril types who modulate their voices & voluntarily make rigid their movements until they become exhausted controlling their tounges & muscles). But somebody like Juan who's normal in everything except that he happened to like sucking a straight man every now & then may just have a more benign pathology. Suffice to say, to claim being homosexual is normal is the height of political delusion. If it's not normal, everybody is free to seek any relief he sees fit.

Juan intends to "kill" all his homosexual desires. I have a more limited goal. It could only be Pavlovian which I could do myself, but I want to equalize my sexual stimulation to both genders, with the ultimate aim of tipping the balance to the other side as I get closer to my wedding day, & I would like to see first hand if these therapies are conducive to my goals. As it is, I already have an idea on what to do, any contributions from other modes of therapy are welcome. It's only relevant that I finally decided that the time to push the button has come.

Having said that, I still haven't decided how this will affect this blog. But this is no longer mine alone, there are friends who are in the same journey & can take over anytime.

Now, time to "binge" on a cute straight man. Bundesliga is full of cute guys & Toni Kroos is one of the most mouth-watering. 5' 11 1'2" already but he's only 21 years old, he can still grow by a couple of inches. The Germans , of course, are one of the most enterprising in the world, I wonder why they don't produce a naked calendar for a "good cause". They are more "matter-of-fact" than the French so the "artsy" pretensions which usually mar French productions may be avoided & we may yet get a more "in-your-face" product. Imagine the likes of Toni Kroos, Clement Fritz, Marko Arnautovic, Lukas Podolski, etc. smiling from a calendar in full glory...

celebrating straight boy Toni:

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