Friday, January 7, 2011

GODS OF SOCCER: James McCarthy of Wigan Athletic, Barclays Premier League

The cutest player in the soccer field. The pics above were taken a few years ago but the current evolution of James McCarthy, now 20 years old, hasn't molted out all the endearing youthful charm. But there's more to the physical with this guy- he was born in Glasgow but he chose to play for the Irish national squad in keeping with his Irish grandfather's wish. He was booed by some in Scotland but he had the grit of a real man & he stuck with his convictions. His number one fan is a Scot who doesn't want to live in Scotland, my friend Ewan. (Hmm, all my friends now seem to love them young- El Cono in Madrid is the number one fan of Sergio Canales, the 18 year-old of Real Madrid. I seem to remember my queeny manicurist say, the older a troll gets, the younger his prey becomes).

celebrating straight boy James:

The Story Before Wigan

Now, at Wigan

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