Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DIEUX DU FOOT: Adil Rami Wears Boxers

I have to admit, among the big West European countries, it is only in France where Foot (as they call soccer) doesn't quite capture my primary interest. With the German Bundesliga, the British BPL, the Italian Serie A & the Spanish La Liga, I am familiar with all the big players, especially the sexy ones. On the other hand, primarily because of Dieux du Stade & French friends who are into Rugby primarily, I am more into Rugby when I'm in France (I have a limited list of French football hotties like Loic Perrin, Yoann Gourcuff, Adil Rami plus a few more). It's good to know that the common Italian habit of removing their shorts after a game & running around in their briefs around the field is also common in France. We've seen the pictures of Yoann Gourcuff in his dark underwear, now we have Adil Rami in his boxers. We already know the state of things behind those boxer (see here), now let's see how things are when they are tucked inside a boxer.

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