Sunday, January 9, 2011

GODS OF RUGBY: Yannick Jauzion of Stade Toulousain, Top 14

I received a funny email from somebody in San Francisco. He said it's the modern thing to do for young gay men to have sex only with each other. According to him, it's the young people "like him" who will build the new future. Actually, I heard that line more than a decade ago in school. It was the mantra even then of my congenitally outed gay classmates. I was thinking then, they said that to probably justify the fact they have no other alternative. I couldn't see anything modern with two flamers kissing each other on the lips. I can actually remember thinking then "they're tough, they don't vomit on each other's face". I still think so today.

Why did I say funny ? The sender wrote "young people like me". He had a Facebook link in his email & it turned out he's already 45 years old. He probably swallowed the propaganda when he was still a teenager & three decades later, he was still dreaming like he was a teenager. Probably to rationalize to himself why he still has no alternative?

Pop, if you married when you were a teenager, you could have been my father. Probably time to enjoy the delicious things in life before you develop arthritis & all those old age ailments? Btw, I don't have a friend older than 33, & we all grew up amidst that delusional propaganda. It's a matter of having a better taste. Or alternative, if you may.

Imagine all the young gay people seeing all those gorgeous straight men all around them but only to be told that they have to overcome their erection because those are "forbidden". That their only fate is to each other because it's the "modern" thing to do to hold back their nausea. So they spend hours admiring all those gorgeous naked males online whom they know are straight but they will go home to beautifully coiffed men with nice twirls in their wrists & lisps in their cooing voices, the complete opposites.Talking of compartmentalized desires. Are there any data which indicate how many of the gullible ones are suffering from depression just because they bit to the delusion that sucking a queen against their better taste is modern?

It's easy to see that whoever relies on "modern" propaganda against his standards will be jolted back to reality one day. Just like the Communists (my favorite analogy) who swallowed the propaganda that their rations were the"modern" thing then (they even killed millions for it), only to tear down the Iron Curtain later when they realized they have been shortchanging themselves all along. A fight for rights is nice, but if it's foundation was based on a repressed natural yearning for the best things in life, good taste will reassert itself in the end. If he hasn't gone insane already, that is.

Yannick is one of the really sexy French Rugby players but he was impervious to the wiles of the French sorceress. It would have been nice to see this one pull up his foreskin a la Thom Evans then smile towards the camera. What a wasted French resource! To think, he's 6'4"! He's now 32, I doubt if any sorceress can sweet-talk him now. Merde!

celebrating straight boy Yannick:



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