Tuesday, January 11, 2011

GODS OF RUGBY: William Zillman of Gold Coast Titans, NRL (with Apologies To Miss Stephanie Rice)

For the record, I don't find anything offensive with calling straight men who don't perform as 'faggots' just to challenge them to prove they're not. Just as long as you don't shout the word to a fag's face. I was never a believer in censoring anyone's freedom of expression. That's the more crucial right. I'm totally not in favor of all kinds of over-reaching offense politics which has gone long enough in all spheres. You were not the target & you're offended? So what?

I had this conversation with my friend Tom where, in passing, he mentioned about the Aussie athlete Stepanie Rice's comment which apparently angered a few self-important fags down there. I myself disapprove of the Big Brother style of 'disciplining' human behavior for whatever alleged 'noble' reason. Miss Rice's Twitter account is hers & she's free to state what she wants there. The so-called gay equality campaign relies heavily in winning sympathy. It can't go around brandishing a sword of Damocles to just about anybody's head where everybody should watch their every step or word. What, you want now that they be afraid of the power of the gays? It's actually very unfair that some sad souls tried to intrigue Miss Rice economically. Plain overkill. Some very bitter people indeed. They probably have never sucked a sexy Aussie straight man (which is delicious, btw) for harboring such bitterness. They are destroying gay image in the long run, they give the impression all are as petty & unhappy as them. If I were an Aussie, I would have led a campaign against that product for buckling to pressure from a very insignificant force, if you come right down to it. Can they really affect your sales when I know that most Aussie gays aren't as sad as them? For all the many hot Aussie straight men around, most have their eyes on those mates rather than wasting time listening to the drama of these pretentious thin-skins & their cohorts. Noise, just let them rant, it will be irrelevant in no time.

Hey, Stephanie, Tom & me are sorry. Just think you're a beautiful lady & they're not. The happy Aussie gays like Tom like you. Forgive the sad ones. Just let them suck each other, that's already punishment (lol).

William Zillman was one of those I was expecting to do really delicious things in the stalled (?) follow-up to Gods of Football. He practically showed all angles of his naked anatomy in his spread in Gods of Sport except for the most delicious thing.

celebrating straight boy Wiliam:



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