Sunday, January 30, 2011

GODS OF RUGBY: Vincent Clerc of Stade Toulousain, Top 14

One doesn't hate you when he's not attracted to you. You still won't make anybody get attracted to you even when you start calling him "hater" or "bigot" or any one of those cute but outdated labels. Political blackmail? LOL. That tactic has seen better days. I actually "admire", in a way, gays who can stomach making out with other gays. I know it's not easy looking at all those gorgeous straight guys in the daytime, only to kiss a caricature version at night, just because you heard in one those gay meetings that it's supposed to be modern to kiss one. Man's capacity to adapt is well-known- if millions can get used to living in slums, how can you not get used to anything? Just convince yourself it's modern, is that it? But unfortunately, I really don't have the stomach for it. I am just not into self-delusion. I always keep my standards, be in the clothes I wear, the car I let my driver (who looks like Chris Evans) drive, much less in the cock I put into my mouth. It must be only that of a genuine straight man. My motto, strict quality control even in sex.

I can put Vincent Clerc's cock into my mouth anytime. That's quality. I told Yves long ago I wanna taste a garcon who looks like Vincent Clerc & he finally called up yesterday. But merde, I am on a "diet (from men)" now, I promise myself I won't suck a man for a month as part of the "equalization of gender stimulation" program that I designed with the Ex-gay therapist. I can only fuck a girl for the meantime. I just told Yves to buy the boy an Ipad & tell him to keep himself chaste til next month.

celebrating straight boy Vincent:


dds 2005



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