Thursday, January 20, 2011

GODS OF RUGBY: Stuart Reardon of Celtic Crusaders, Super League

I remember the time I watched a gay DVD porn where all the actors looked really uber masculine, grunting like alpha dogs in heat as they fucked each other. Then not long after, I saw online a clip of their Behind The Scenes interview wherein they daintily elaborated their ideas in lispy voices, complete with twirls of their wrists & eyebrows to accentuate a point. I kinda felt then I loathed myself so much that I let myself be duped.

That's the last time I watched a gay DVD porn. I found I can't fantasize on anybody anymore. I was afraid the one I like would suddenly burst into a sing & dance routine & sashay in a tutu on the screen. I don't get horny seeing a naked gay man. Reverse Oscar Wilde: just a sterile piece of meat! I want a real man, much more in my fantasies.

We often read there is supposed to be a fight for truth here, no need living a lie. So why mimic an alpha male when you are a zeta male? The producer of that porn is supposed to be a champion of gay rights. So why didn't he just let the actors act as they really are: lispy grunts here & dainty twirls of wrists there while they very delicately fuck each other. Why create a fantasy which is not them? What for is the much-ballyhoed "coming out"? To be the real you? Of course, he can't because he knows nobody will watch it. That's the point: if you can't watch it, how can you find it appealing in real life? What mental acrobatics should you do to convince yourself you like it?

The truth is, the fight of gays is for rights. It doesn't mean everybody suddenly becomes sexy overnight. Pete of Pasadena copied a comment in an online forum & sent it to me. I found it encapsulated what I've been thinking all along but can't put words into. Thankfully the writer did when he wrote:

... It all boils down to economics- more people love g4p that’s why it sells.The fight for equality is for rights, it doesn’t mean everybody suddenly becomes sexy just because they are noisy.A diluted coffee will never be as good as a brewed coffee- don’t you think the patronage of g4pay only means that the silent majority of gays have made a decision in front of their computers & really finds straight guys sexy & gays just don’t cut it? I’m gay, I love straight guys, & I find I loathe more myself when I force myself to fantasize on gays. Just not sexy enough. Don’t you think we should just accept that & not let good taste be cheapened by nonsense politics? It’s unfair that just because you’re gay, you should settle for lesser quality fantasies just because of the politics of some unhappy souls. I don’t buy that shit that a gay should only fantasize on gays. A limp dick of a sexy straight guy will be loads hotter than any queen. Period. Selfloath? No, self-love- I love myself so much I don’t waste my time on cheap thrills.

Only the most delusional self-loathers won't get horny with Stuart Reardon. 5'11", 29 years old. Delicious. Straight. It's the ultimate in self-love to jack off over him.


  1. Very nice thighs. And handsome masculine face.

  2. who is the hairy guy furthest to the left in the underwear picture? he's definetly cute.