Monday, January 24, 2011

GODS OF RUGBY: John Eales of Australia

John Eales didn't only shine as one of the most respectable names in Australian rugby- he was the captain of the Aussie team which won the Rugby World Cup in 1991 & 1999, & he was inducted to the International Rugby Board Hall of Fame in 2007 . He left one of the sexiest legacy in Sports as well- he allowed himself to be photographed smiling sweetly fully naked while taking a shower. He's now one of the sport icons of Australia , & what a delicious icon. A spectacular 6'7", I just can't get enough admiring such masculine beauty, literally inside & out of uniform. The biggest natural attractions of Australia are its straight men, & John Eales' picture should be in their flag. Really, I'm not joking...

This post is a celebration of John Eales. Take a deep breath, you are about to experience one of the sexiest moments in sports...

celebrating straight boy John:

winning ways


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