Monday, January 10, 2011

GODS OF RUGBY: Florent Gibouin of Stade Niortais Rugby, Fédérale 1

While most were busy tweedling their thumbs, the real world was shifting. Goldman Sachs recently released its prediction that in 10 years (before the decade is through), the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) will have a bigger economy than the US. By 2027, China alone will be wealthier than the US.

You can read the fate of the outed gay community from those data. The human rights movements were used by Western powers as their moral platforms to influence the world to toe their line, but even now, as the emerging economies see the slipping of the economic might of the old Western powers, they get bolder & bolder in ignoring the moral posturing of the West (How many concerted calls by human rights organizations have been ignored lately? Does it surprise anybody that Qatar & Russia were chosen as World Cup venues?). The cultural mores of world society is influenced- no, dictated- by whoever controls the world's purse. Will totalitarian societies be in vogue then considering that China did a miracle with its regimented society? The so-called gay movements (which started from the West) only gained foothold where they were given democratic space. Nobody among the BRIC countries, particularly the future world superpower, China, takes seriously the current gay agenda. India recently barred gays from its New York parade, & though it acceded in the last minute, you can expect, as it gains self-confidence, it will insist on its mores shortly. Brazil is seemingly the most liberal of the four, but it has a big old rich gay population that thrives in its own old ways, only the trying hard middle class try to impress by copying what's happening in Europe or America (but how can they impress with their faggy boyfriends if sexy Brazilian straight studs are so plentiful & cheap anyway?). Expect their influence to wane as the shine of the Western, particularly American, brands wane. Russia & China, well, we know they break up simple gay rallies.

What about in America? We're familiar with the word backlash. After the heady experimental days of the 60's (which old gays remember fondly), it came swiftly. And that was when America was feeling superior being the undisputed superpower. How about when it would be wracked by insecurities & depression of being the newly-dislodged world leader?

In a society used to being the strongman, expect those who are perceived as weakening the fabric of the society to become the scapegoats. Some say, in ancient times, it wasn't religion which destroyed the acceptance of homosexuality in the mainstream society. It was the defeats in wars which were blamed, rightly or wrongly, in a major part to the effeminate primary practitioners of homosexuality which they feared infected the warrior men. Sounds familiar?

Now imagine the economic prospects of an outed man ten years from now.

Doomday scenario? Just check your newspaper & check the veracity of the economic data mentioned in the first paragraph (You can also listen to the BBC Hard Talk interview with the Goldman Sachs' manager, Jim O'Neill). Once you've proved they are true (which they are), I'm sure, as long as you're not the type prone to magical thinking, you don't have to to have a PHD to make a different conclusion on the political front.

You don't have to have a PHD either to appreciate French rugby player Florent Gibouin's charms. He may not be playing in the level of Top 14, but for showing his cock alone, he 's more famous than most players in the more famous rugby league.

celebrating straight boy Florent:


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