Thursday, January 6, 2011

GODS OF RUGBY: Chris Lawrence of West Tigers, NRL

We're back, good taste is still alive in 2011! Happy New Year, everyone. I bet the cute straight sportsmen are still delicious this year, don't you think?

Let's start with Australia. There's an endless supply of sexy guys in Aussie rugby, this blog is proof. It really baffles me why they have stopped using these mates to help some charity. The world's tons of misery haven't ran out, have they? The Brits have endless "good" (read delicious) causes. Imagine the lost revenue that could have been generated by the "hibernated" sex appeal of Chris Lawrence. Australia loves its sexy straight guys- it has a tiny population but its straight guy lovers can maintain 4 straight guy sites (Straightfellas, SeducedStraightguys, Straightaustralianguysjackingoff & All Australian Boys). Imagine if that income-generating potential was tapped to help a campaign against- what? I can lend my medical books, there's bound to be esoteric diseases of the urogenital system there that merit as good enough cause to make Chris Lawrence pose naked. Don't forget good causes, mates. As I always say, good causes are delicious.

Not to forget, get to the point. Take it from the British. They stuck to Testicular Cancer Awareness campaigns. Don't stray away too far, the Breast Campaign is too far from the really delicious parts.

Let 2011 be sexy once again Down Under.

celebrating straight boy Chris:


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