Saturday, January 8, 2011

GODS OF HANDBALL: Dominik Klein of Germany

Among my friends who are into men, Greg was the only one who did a "coming out", & that was when he was still a poor teen-ager. When I got to know him 5 years ago, he has long "gone back in". Seven years ago, when he earned his first million, he attended an Ex-Gay therapy session just to have an alibi to cut off from the outed gay people he met in his previous life. Since then, all he wanted was to make up for lost time sucking all the straight boys he could cajole. The usual story- when you're into straight boys, no need to come out (just to like-minded friends whom you'll meet along the way, almost always within the scent distance of a sexy straight boy). Understandably, he's the most critical of what he calls the Eww Set- "those who swallow when they should be vomiting". He claims he wants to forget that portion of his life. I can imagine what he wants to forget.

A colorful personality, he has his own vocabulary. He refers to his present sex life as Homophobic Chic. Purely straight boys for him. He once joked, let the masses eat what they can afford but those who can should go for the Picasso. Sex without love is possible, but love without sex is hell. How can he ever learn to love a muscle diva if he can't stomach now having sex with one? Nice to fantasize being in love, but just like the Communists who fantasized being happy with their rations, there's bound to be a point of breaking point, of realization why one shouldn't have a more palatable alternative than the unpalatable available one.

Somebody palatable is Dominique Klein. 6'2", the 27 year-old handballer is a delicious German at its most delicious.

Dominik posed naked for his own personal calendar. We encourage such personal endeavors. You can buy his calendar here. The small pics posted here are available in hires. Let's help the guy. He may yet pose full-frontal next time.

celebrating handsome straight boy Mini:

Superman with a big bulge

Tore bei der Handball


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