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GODS OF DECATHLON: Eelco Sintnicolaas of the Netherlands

UPDATE: (I wrote the article last December, 2010 yet but it wasn't posted when we had the holiday break. We rescheduled it for today but I left it intact, just to give us an idea on how we do the blog so ignore the allusions to Christmas)
A few curious readers asked how I do the blog. I don't write everyday. We have found our rhythm. I allot 1-2 days per week so I usually do 10 posts per sitting, or all I can write in 1-2 hours. Like today, my assistants have already drafted about 134 articles, but I was only able to compose texts for 13 articles. I may have to allot an extra hour to catch up for the December run. Regularly, there's a third article, & it's usually a current tournament with lots of beefcake photos, but usually I just dictate the title or a two-sentence text by phone, with the photos compiled by the researcher (she now knows my taste, I let her chose). There would be a fourth article if there's a really interesting current event with lots of sexy straight sportsmen posing (but of course!). So we have two articles (the main featured athlete of the day & the Birds series) which are prescheduled weeks to months in advance.The 3rd & 4th articles are what gives the blog its currency. Lightens the work of everybody. The poster isn't my employee, he has his own blog (political), he's just kind to help out. But I've given him all the commercial rights to this blog as goodwill, though I retain the right to disapprove any advert I don't like. I pay the researcher but she receives her salary from one of our companies.

The downside is there are usually errors: the post would appear on a Friday but I was describing a Sunday event in the texts. And since I write under time duress, there's bound to be grammatical errors too & I sometimes cringe when I read the published posts. But it's more convenient to edit post-publication because I myself am not sure of my availability everyday. My dilemma is the coming Christmas season when everybody would be busy with their own affairs. We can just publish the pre-scheduled two articles but I may not even have the time to post-publication edit them. It may be days before I can correct them. The readers may cringe for days while I'm having a good time. Let's just see.(UPDATE: It's obvious, it's no longer Christmas)

It's eerie sometimes. This blog is a frank conversation with my friends with the world eavesdropping. We just passed the 2,500,000th eavesdrop last week (UPDATE: past 3,000,000 already).

To celebrate, we have a slim Dutchman here. With Northern Europeans, I tend towards the lean, tall, muscular types with butts so Eelco is right there in the crosshairs. With big hipped guys, they usually have oily groin areas which rapidly turn rancid. With lean guys, you can lick them all you like & your tounge won't sting. Practicalities of sex. No need to shower because you need to taste the straight man in his natural state & not the soap. There's nothing more delicious than the natural taste of a straight man. You can smell the battles he fought, you can feel the girls he conquered, you can taste the real man.

Thanks to Jan for the photos & the lyrics below. Dank u wel, mijn vriend.

celebrating straight boy Eelco:



The Dutch group De Poema's write very poetic songs. They don't have a proper video for this song but it's actually one of my favorites in any language. If you plan on learning Dutch, start with the lyrics of this song- simply powerful.

Mijn Wouten Hart- De Poema's

Mijn hart is niet van steen
Een geval van zuiver hout
Het was het beste dat ik vinden kon
Toen iemand wegging met het goud
Mijn hart is van het hardste hout
Maar het buigt nog als het moet
Maar niet te ver en rustig aan
Ik weet nog niet echt wat het doet

Dit is mijn hart
Mijn houten hart
De dames voor u hebben het alvast verzwaard
Dus wees maar lief
Het kan geen kwaad
En stelen lijkt me niet de moeite waard

Je kan er goed op laten lopen
Dan doet het niet zo'n pijn
Als toen ik het origineel nog had
Het gouden, goud maar klein
Dit hart, ik heb het pas gekocht
Bewust een tweedehands
Je blijft geen gouden kopen
Ook al had je wel de kans

Dit is mijn hart
Mijn houten hart
De dames voor u hebben het alvast verzwaard
Dus wees maar lief
Het kan geen kwaad
En stelen lijkt me niet de moeite waard

Het voordeel van een houten hart
Je bent voorzichtiger met vuur
De splinters zijn voor anderen
Er hoeft geen slot op en is dus helemaal niet duur

Dit is mijn hart
Mijn houten hart

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