Saturday, January 15, 2011

GODS OF BASEBALL: Chase Utley of Philadelphia Phillies, MLB

I never believed in mixing my sexual issues with economics.But somehow, some more primal instintcs are at work sometimes. I used to be an Armani guy down to my underwear but I surprised myself when I did my yearly change of undies & bought everything Calvin Klein. No patriotism there, something just made me feel it was the right thing to do. What? I had a conversation with Yves & his wife during my recent hop to Paris & we talked in passing about the flop movie about the romance of Yves Saint Laurent & his boyfriend. The wife said it would've made money if it was about YSL alone instead but not even the activist French gay community found anything beautiful about the romance enough to buy a ticket. Yves mockingly asked how could people have found YSL had taste when he didn't even have taste himself in his lovelife. Fashion trend is usually a product of mind-bending promotions executed by a clique of publicists & other vested interests aimed to make the customer adapt his or her taste just to be in. To the knowledgeable, it's an indication of the malleability or inferiority complex of a social climber . Anyway, before that night was over, we watched the documentary film about Armani where his romantic relationship was touched. Yves said aloud what's in my mind, "If Armani really had taste, how could he even suck such a man?"

I changed my entire wardrobe as soon as I arrived home.

I wonder what's the brand of Chase's underwear. Hmm. Must be delicious to wear it against your bare skin.

celebrating straight boy Chase:

World Champion speech

Home Run

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