Monday, January 17, 2011

The Boys of St. Kilda

My naughty Aussie friend Tom of Sydney has been challenging me lately to come up with my own take on the latest delicious scandal to hit Australian rugby which broke out while we were on a holiday break. A 17 year-old girl posted the nude pictures of AFL players Nick Dal Santo & Nick Riewoldt in her Facebook account allegedly as "revenge" for some indiscretions done to her by certain St. Kilda players. This one came not too long after the brouhaha over the blowjob performed by a dog on former Canberra Raiders player Joel Monaghan. Give it to the Aussies, when they have scandals, they're usually delicious. I couldn't help but roar with laughter when I first got wind of the incident, which was when it was promptly emailed to me by another Aussie friend, Ted, also of Sydney. Ted's email ran like this: "He's not gay, he played with his dick to a girl."

He was referring to Nick Dal Santo, the Aussie rugby player who has a cute, almost lispy speech pattern (impediment?). Like everywhere else, Aussies also love to speculate on the "true" sexuality of their players. Of course, there were pictures which were kinda curious too. Almost always with teammate Nick Riewoldt, the same one who also figured in the scandal.

So this mess should have been positive for the macho credentials of both Nick Dal Santo & Nick Riewoldt. They play with girls even when nobody's looking, folks, so shove it, they need no beards.

But then Sam Gilbert, another teammate, later confessed he was the one who took the photos. Why should Sam Gilbert be taking shots of the dicks of his teammates? Could be only for fun, true. Still, it just invited more raised eyebrows. They should just have kept quiet while they were ahead.

I must say though I have it from a reliable source that Nick Dal Santo, despite his voice, is really straight.

There's also that impertinent buzz in Aussie footy forums about the "tiny" size of Nick's dick. Hey, look at it closely, it hasn't erected fully yet. I bet he's just started shaking it to waken it up for Sam Gilbert's camera . I'm sure it won't be less than seven inches when it's rockhard. I just hope Nick will prove it one way or another that I am right. Calendar full-frontal?

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  1. Rugby and AFL are two different sports.