Thursday, December 2, 2010

So Tim Tebow Is An Underwear Model

I told you, this blog has become a sort of community. This news is a month old but I just received the fourth "contribution" in the same topic so I might as well give my take on it (Thanks anyway Frank, Tisha, Richie & Rob). The buzz was Tim Tebow would make his first appearance as an underwear model in Jockey's Holiday Collection catalogue ( see here ). Well, he did make an appearance but he was wearing a T-shirt & the photo was cropped off at the waist (photo below). Not to worry, we took his old boxer photos which came with the emails & we treated them with our usual anatomical study techniques. The airconditioning may have been freezing that something was shriveled but what the heck, I love religious "bulges".

Below was the Jockey announcement. We just hope that in the next video coming out of Jockey, nobody will be gnashing his teeth again with disappointment.

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