Friday, December 3, 2010

Rugby's Finest Photos

My Aussie friend Tom sent the photos below. They were the Rugby's Finest calendar (2010 & 2011) photos without the watermarks. I have to admit the calendars didn't attract much my attention at their launching because they lacked the "sexy component" which I usually look for in calendars with the same pretensions. Belatedly, but I have to write this: I actually like them better than most of the Sport calendar photography we've seen. This is the way it should be: clean, crisp colors where the subject looks good without sacrificing its artistry, a far departure from the hackneyed charcoal gloom of the classical look de rigeuer since the 1930's. I actually think that in their unblemished state (without the graphics), these are the best photos I've seen in the genre.

The photographer is an Aussie working mostly in Europe. His name is Adrian Weinbrecht. I'm eagerly waiting how a sexier work by Mr. Weinbrecht would look like.

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